Antonio Calcagnì
DPSS - University of Padova

  Ongoing or completed theses

PDFs of theses and dissertations can be downloaded from this page.

    • Amos Torretta
      Data-mining on Instagram photos: A photo-mining approach.
      Master. Ongoing

    • Alice Marilungo
      A computational model for visual saliency in autism spectrum disorder.
      Master. Ongoing

    •   Niccolò Cao
      Latent Dirichlet Allocation based methods for applied text-mining in psychology.
      Bachelor. Completed (2020/09)  

    •   Samuele Lovera
      A functional clustering approach for longitudinal text mining: The Sanremo corpus.
      Bachelor. Completed (2020/09)  

    •   Federico Berto
      Dynamic confirmatory factor analysis: An approach based on state-space models ​.
      Bachelor. Completed (2020/09)  

    •   Arianna Biondini
      Transition experience and trans video-blogging: An explorative study based on text mining.
      Master. Completed (2019/12)  

    •   Niccolò Polo
      Text mining applied to gambling tv spots.
      Master. Completed (2019/07)  

    •   Alberto Saccardin
      Latent Semantic Analysis: Methodology and Applications.
      Bachelor. Completed (2019/06)  

    •   Camilla Cappon
      Using text mining to create objective indicators: An example based on Instagram​.
      Bachelor. Completed (2019/06)