I am a tenure-track Assistant Professor (RTD-b) in Psychometrics at DPSS, University of Padova.

My research area mainly focuses on the development and application of statistical methods to the analysis and interpretation of data arising from behavioral studies. Most of it concentrates on fuzzy statistics, measurement methods for handling uncertainty in behavioral data (e.g., fuzzy rating), and information-theoretic methods in statistical estimation (e.g., maximum entropy). I am also interested in applications of Bayesian statistics to behavioral and cognitive sciences and measurement problems.

I did doctoral research at the University of Trento, where I earned my PhD in Psychometrics, and KU Leuven (Research Group of Quantitative Psychology and Individual Differences). As part of my post-doctoral research, I worked at the MTA Wigner Research Centre for Physics (NAP-B PATTERN Research Group).

I am member of the the National Scientific Computing Group (GNCS) at INdAM and affiliated to the following scientific societies: EUSFLAT (European Society for Fuzzy Logic and Technology), SIS (Italian Statistics Society), Psychometric Society.

Funny stuffs: My Erdős number is 4.

Science needs time to think. Science needs time to read, and time to fail. Science develops unsteadily, with jerky moves and unpredictable leaps forward—at the same time, however, it creeps about on a very slow time scale, for which there must be room [...]. Society should give scientists the time they need, but more importantly, scientists must take their time. We do need time to think. We do need time to digest.